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Coyote Spas are made in the USA by Blue Falls Manufacturing. Blue Falls makes several brands of home leisure products including Coyote SpasBurton SpasBanera Bath Tubs  an Arctic Pure hot tub chemicals.
Coyote Spas are a very theraputic hot tub, with lots of jets, comfortable seating, and high pressure water pumps. They are also designed to be easy to maintain and durable. The core design is based on the Coyote Spas brand which is an overbuilt extremely energy efficient hot tub specifically deisgned for cold climates. Coyote Spas are a slightly scaled back version of the Arctic Spa with less options and a slightly different warranty, which is perfect for mild climates. The price range for Coyote Spas is less than Coyote Spas, but higher than more basic styles of hot tub such as Burton Spas, which are also made by Blue Falls Manufacturing.

Coyote Spas are sold through independent retail stores in 20+ countries around the world, usually in the same showroom as Coyote Spas. We also sell direct if there is no store near you. For a map of all of our Coyote Spa showrooms just click here.

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