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Coyote Spas Hot Tubs

We designed the Coyote brand to be a more therapeutic hot tub. If your main reason for investing in a hot tub is for therapy, rehabilitation, stress relief, or better health then Coyote is the brand for you. We also manufacture Coyote Spas with fewer high end options and configurations. This costs us less to make, which makes them cost less to purchase. You can learn more about hot tub prices here.

Here are the highlights:

  • Targeted Therapy Zones: Extremely concentrated jet regions to target major muscle groups
  • Ergonomic Seating: A huge variety of seating molds to fully support any body type
  • More Jets: Up to 114 (YES, 114!) jets available for extreme massage therapy
  • More Entertainment (that’s therapy too!): Built in TV and music system options.

Coyote Spas are made in the USA by Blue Falls Manufacturing.

If you do not find a hot tub thats just right for you in the Coyote Spas range we invite you to consider an Arctic Spa.

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